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We're not all work, work, work, and no play, you know. 

Sometimes, it's good to immerse in imagination and let creativity flow, just for fun.


We love juxtaposition and marrying of opposites in all we do at Bam Bam Madame. Classical meets modern, maximalism meets minimalism, colour meets pattern and Campari meets vermouth, gin and orange rind...oh, sorry, that's a negroni we're thinking of. 

The most fun you can have when it comes to bringing odds and ends together to make something beautiful is collage, so that's we do, both for own own amusement and for commission.


'Bacchus' Love Letter' digital collage

A Valentine's Day ode to love featuring velvet slippers by Luke Edward Hall, wallpaper by House of Hackney and rug by The Rug Company.

'Family portrait' digital collage

A just-for-fun collage featuring interior pieces by The Rug Company, Trove by Studio Duggan, Ceraudo, Beata Heuman, Matila Goad and Ottoline Devries and loungewear by Desmond & Dempsey. 


'Welcome to Avalon' digital collage

Our first collage for interiors house Trove by Studio Duggan, featuring the Avalon Petit Bedside Table, the cheeky Trove pigeon and two regal leopards surveying their magical kingdom of Avalon. 

'Waiting for Bae to Pop the Veuve' digital collage

An Easter collage depicting an impatient Ariadne waiting for Bacchus to open the champagne. Definitely not inspired by one's own experience.


'Girls Day Out' digital collage

One-off commission collage featuring two cheeky ladies enjoying an afternoon in the rolling hills with a selection of homeware pieces by Issy Granger.

'Sassily' digital collage

A rare sighting of Venus enjoying a weekend in Sicily wearing a KITRI tea dress and D&G vintage wicker bag.


Homepage for Ceraudo featuring the rolling hills of Tuscany. Once again, a rare sighting of Venus peeping in - this time flaunting her birthday suit. 

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