Welcome to my website, it's good to have you here!

As you'll find when you have a click through my previous work and studio, there's a bit of everything, from premium shoot direction to creative strategy to quirky (and, let's be honest, slightly obscure) digital collage. I've been up to all sorts, and it's working across multiple creative projects and continually taking on different challenges I've always found so exciting.

So, when I saw your opening for Creative and Brand Manager, and read the very appealing job description, I thought: 'Super-creative? Hello!'

Why do I want to work at L'Estrange London?

There are a few reasons I was so drawn to joining the L'Estrange team as Creative Manager, not least because your current visual direction is so refined and I'd love to head up taking it further from a strategic and creative point of view. But aside from that, and your evidently excellent taste in chairs, I'm now making a conscious move towards working at a company with real purpose, which effortlessly marries luxury and sustainability in order to make a genuine difference. 

The luxury industry - and the fashion industry, as part of that - is facing a huge challenge over the next few years. As the 3rd most environmentally detrimental industry, and with purpose-driven Gen Z expected to account for 40% of consumer spending by 2030, brands are being forced to assess their values and actions to affect positive change. As a result, every story they tell, and the way it's told, needs to shift to accurately represent their actions and speak to customers in a new, engaging way.


L'Estrange has such a strong inherent purpose and is already leading the charge when it comes to slow luxury fashion, and teemed with a distinct and modern aesthetic, it's exactly the kind of place I see myself flourishing. 

So, if you think I might be a good fit and you'd like to know a little more...

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