In the run-up to the Rugby World Cup, Accolade Wines wanted to position Kumala, a wine defined by its South African cheekiness and flair, as the ideal tipple to enjoy alongside a weekend barbecue, or "braai". But in order to sell the wine, we had to sell the notion of a characteristic South African braai, a concept not often recognised in Britain.

Taking inspiration from the popping, colourful sets of food photographer Louise Hagger, I concepted a variety of lifestyle and project shots heroing the various wines alongside beautifully styled barbecue treats. The aim was to capture the informal, beachy vibes of the Kumala brand, which centres around laidback, fun times with friends.

Photography  by Max Bridge, Square Mountain, prop styling by Theresa Bates, food styling by Vicki Smallwood, art direction by Kiera Black, produced by Sticky Content

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