Food and Wine Pairings, featured across Hardys social channels

Photographer: Max Bridge, Square Mountain

Producer: Emilia Harris

Creative Director: Jamie Readon

Art Director: Kiera Black

Food stylist: Vicki Smallwood

Prop Stylist: Theresa Bates

Agency: Sticky Content 

The Project:

A shoot heroing a selection of Hardys' varietals and their ideal food pairings under three distinct pillars: healthy eating, effortless indulgence and Impress Your Guests.

The Brief:

To concept, direct and produce 9 assets (stills) heroing Hardys' varietals alongside simple but delicious food pairings. Whether entertaining guests, enjoying a relaxed evening in or exploring healthy eating there's a Hardys wine for everyone, and every occasion. Each asset had to be delivered with supporting copy. 

Approach and Process:

In order to cover a large range of varietals each hitting different price points while maintaining a distinct style in line with the Hardys branding, our challenge was the reach a balance between premium indulgence and accessibility, leveraging the Hardys brand as one of inclusivity. We researched suitable recipes to pair with each varietal, and, once approved, began concepting set-ups and styling for our 9 assets. 

Week(s) 1: Studio sourced and booked (Emilia Harris, Sticky Content), first round recipes proposed (Kiera Black, Luke Fitzpatrick, Sticky Content)

Week(s) 2:  Recipes confirmed, first round concepts proposed (Kiera Black, Sticky Content)

Weeks(s) 2-3: Second round concepts proposed and approved (Kiera Black, Sticky Content)

Week(s) 3: Props and backgrounds confirmed (Kiera Black, Sticky Content) and sourced (Theresa Bates)

Week(s) 4: Two-day shoot (directed by Kiera Black & Jamie Readon, Sticky Content, styled by Theresa Bates and Vicki Smallwood, shot by Max Bridge, Square Mountain, produced by Emilia Harris, Sticky Content)

Week(s) 5: Final shots chosen by client and first round edits (Max Bridge), copy signed off by client

Week(s) 6: Second round edits (Max Bridge), final delivery

The project took 6 weeks to complete, from response to brief to final delivery of assets.


The Result:

wine pairings food styling
wine pairings food styling
wine pairings chilli
wine pairing art direction
Wine pairing art direction