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What do you mean by brands 'with purpose'?

We try to work with brands with similar values to us, that are actively striving to do better and be better for the world we live in. Most of the brands we work with are women-owned, independent, and/or sustainable and ethical in their practises. We know that many brands are trying to move into a more ethical space, and we'd like to help those companies shine and give them a creative voice, too. Find out more about our values on our About Us page.

How do you normally work?

We have a core team of three (headed up by Kiera, our Creative Director), and a wide network of talented freelancers as well as partner agencies that we work with for each project. We always match our team carefully to the requirements of the brand, taking into account style, timelines and budget.

What are you doing to be more ethical in your practises?

Like many brands and companies out there, we're trying to be as environmentally-friendly and aware as possible. We try to work specifically with brands who're making a positive impact on the environment and society, or those who are keen to become better in their practises and processes. When it comes to our own products, we try to stick with sustainable packaging and ethical, local suppliers. Our organic cotton t-shirts are ethically made in Cornwall and packaged in fully recyclable packaging, and our prints are printed on recycled and recyclable luxury bamboo paper. 

As for our practical work, we know how wasteful the creative industry can be, in particular when it comes to food waste from F&B shoots. In a bid to reduce wastefulness as much as possible, we always opt for food stylists and home ecs that create food which is as delicious and edible as it is beautiful (no funny additives to make it more aesthetic!), so our crew can bring it home at the end of the day to enjoy. We also ensure any props, clothes and additional foodstuffs are given a home or returned, or, at the very least, recycled properly. 

We're always striving to improve so if you have any tips or questions for us, or know ethical crew members who'd love to work with us, get in touch.

Can you work with small budgets?

We do our best to accommodate all budgets, but as might be expected, the higher the budget the better the result. If you have a project in mind, let us know your budget on an introductory call and we'll see what we can do. 


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