Brand strategy and design



Sustainable beauty brand Elisabeth 33 is the brainchild of Swedish-born Lisa Gustafsson, who dreamed of a clean beauty brand with a maximalist, romantic edge. 

Lisa approached us looking for brand strategy and visual direction, as well as logo and packaging design for her first product: a sustainable shampoo bar with a premium price tag. 



We reached out to Jordan Smith, brand and packaging designer and founder of design studio Block H3, to assist in realising Lisa's dreams and visualise our branding strategy in a way that stands Elisabeth 33 apart from competitors. 

This project is a continued work in progress and has just begun stage two: packaging design in collaboration with Cornwall-based illustrator Clara Jonas.

Elisabeth 33 is a luxury, ethical beauty brand with a difference.

Our mission is to bring sustainability and elegance together in an effortless fusion. Carefully created using natural and ethically-sourced ingredients to suit every hair type, and delivered in enchanting, luxurious packaging, our natural shampoo bars aren’t only a staple in the bathroom cabinet, but on the coffee table, kitchen island or mantle piece, too.

Having explored photographic and graphic visual direction for Elisabeth 33, we got to the fun part: logo development, and exploration of packaging using our proposed colourway to bring the ideas to life.

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