Key Date images, to be featured across Apothic social channels

Photographer: Max Bridge, Square Mountain

Producer: Emilia Harris

Creative Director: Jamie Readon

Art Director: Kiera Black

Prop & Food Stylist: Theresa Bates

Models supplied by: Hired Hands

Agency: Sticky Content 

Apothic Red August Bank Holiday
Apothic Red August Bank Holiday
Apothic Red August Bank Holiday

The Project:


In early 2019, Apothic (part of Gallo Family Vineyards) went through a significant rebrand, moving from the cryptic, fairytale style to a much more contemporary and fresh style. This is the (re)brand key dates shoot used across Apothic's social channels, heroing Apothic Red as the ultimate treat for celebrating key occasions.

The Brief:

To concept, direct and produce 4 assets (1 x carousel, 3 x cinemagraphs) heroing Apothic Red as the ultimate treat for celebrating your important moments. Each asset had to be delivered with supporting copy. 


We first outlined which occasions would suit our audience, and decided upon a bank holiday weekend with friends (carousel), a festive afterparty, Bonfire Night and the launch of the new season of Orange is the New Black. I then concepted each image, taking into consideration the need for ultra-smooth, luxurious textures which befit the Apothic brand, as well as its sultry and enticing colour palette. For the long weekend and festive afterparty shots, the overarching idea was "more is more", using an array of objects to depict an organised mess, characteristic of occasions with friends. The festive party cinemagraph depicts a moment after dinner, when guests have relaxed into the evening, taken off their jewels and accessories and are indulging in the sweet treats the night has to offer. It's my favourite of the images I've ever worked on. 

The project took 6 weeks to complete, from response to brief to final delivery of assets.


The Result:

The intoxication glimmer of jewels, the smoothness of silk against bare skin, the anticipation of a summer evening...where are you going this weekend?


The food's been enjoyed, the jewels taken off, and everyone's in that festive spirit. Now just to enjoy some stunningly smooth Apothic Red...Who's your ideal party guest?