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In 2019 we were briefed with the agency Sticky Content to concept and direct a shoot which heroed Apothic's two favourite varietals, Apothic Red and Apothic Cab, as the most indulgent and smoothest red wines, no matter the occasion or the

time of year.

We found that Apothic's main audience love treating themselves to indulgent and premium products; but that doesn't stop at wine. Florals and fragrances are also on the "treat yourself" agenda, so floral and fragrance design formed the inspirational basis for our creative direction. 

We worked with renowned floral design studio Worm London to style and produce a stunning six-asset shoot to showcase Apothic wine as the ultimate treat, all through the year.

Asset 4-Festive-1x1.jpg

Photography by Max Bridge, Square Mountain, prop styling by Theresa Bates, florals by Worm London, art direction by Kiera Black, produced by Emilia Harris

Agency: Sticky Content

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