Food and Wine Pairings, featured across Apothic social channels

Photographer: Max Bridge, Square Mountain

Producer: Emilia Harris

Creative Director: Jamie Readon

Art Director: Kiera Black

Food stylist: Vicki Smallwood

Prop Stylist: Theresa Bates

Agency: Sticky Content 

The Project:


In early 2019, Apothic (part of Gallo Family Vineyards) went through a significant rebrand, moving from the cryptic, fairytale style to a much more contemporary and fresh style. Suddenly, the brand wasn't about the dark and mysterious anymore - now, it's all about the smooth, luxurious and exciting taste of the red blend. This is the (re)brand launch shoot used across Apothic's social channels, heroing Apothic Red as the ultimate indulgent treat - for nights in or out.

The Brief:

To concept, direct and produce 10 assets (moving and stills) heroing Apothic Red and various indulgent, decadent and, above all, "smooth" food pairings which make the ideal treat, either before a night out or as the main event. The client requested silk or velvet material to appear in each shot to provide a smooth visual thread. Each asset had to be delivered with supporting copy. 


In order to balance the seemingly juxtaposing key brand themes of contemporary neon and opulence, while ensuring fresh, impactful imagery to appeal to a younger audience (c. 25 y/o), I took inspiration from the old Dutch masters' still life paintings and contrasted them with bold neon, harsh, contemporary materials and super-indulgent food, resulting in a - perhaps surprisingly - perfect synergy of olde-worlde luxury and modern nightlife.

The project took 6 weeks to complete, from response to brief to final delivery of assets.


The Result:

Food and Wine Pairing photography
Food and Wine Pairing photography
Food and Wine Pairing photography
Food and Wine Pairing photography
Food and Wine Pairing photography