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We are an independent creative studio, working with sustainable brands and brilliant people to tell their stories in a meaningful, magical way.

The name Bam Bam Madame is inspired by thinkers and makers creating noise in their industry and the ever more pressing need to stand out from the crowd. We work with brands and individuals who are looking to make a positive change and tell their stories in a vibrant, impactful way. In a way that goes BAM!, you might say.

Ceramic striped mugs and jugs are used to decorate a beautiful breakfast table filled with delicious pastries, fresh fruit and coffee.


Helping Italian-inspired homeware brand Artemis Deco ‘bring the holiday home’ for the launch of their new VACANZA Collection with creative direction, styling and production.

An illustration of Apollo's bust, by Natalia Bagniewska.
An illustration of a disco ball, by Natalia Bagniewska.
An illustration of a clam shell, by Natalia Bagniewska.
An illustration of some waves with stars above them, by Natalia Bagniewska.

Apollo is our studio mascot, representing skill, thought, imagination and creativity. Basically, everything you can expect from us. 

We often weave a hint of playful irreverence into our work, and strive to make every project and partnership enjoyable and fun.

We work with a lot of women-led brands and brands aiming to empower women. What better place to start than Aphrodite’s birthplace? 

We want to see a better world and be part of making one. So, we like working with brands with ethical processes and products that aim to protect animals and the world around us.

The home to our collection of ethically-made Bam designs for you to take home, enjoy and show off at your leisure.

An illustration of some waves, by Natalia Bagniewska.
Don't go yet.

If you’ve got a project or a big idea in the works and you’re looking for creative support, from full-blown production to brand consultancy or event styling, we’d love to hear from you. Seriously, don’t be shy.

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